Leveraging proven Canadian technologies

The North American oil business has evolved, particularly over the past few years, to where it is now technology driven. Significant advances have been made, particularly in Canada, in seismic interpretation, horizontal drilling, and multi-stage fracturing. The implementation of these new technologies will unlock reserves left behind in both the conventional and unconventional international reservoirs Wilton is acquiring.


Wilton differentiates itself from other exploration and production companies because of its integrated one-team approach and the significant experience of its leadership operating in Algeria.

Wilton is staffed and organized to plan and execute integrated projects from the reservoir modeling stage through the exploration/development drilling and completion work program stage. It utilizes a 'Geo-engineering' approach to the reservoir analysis and modeling phase which integrates the skills of all of the technical disciplines (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and geostatistics) on a single team using an integrated software platform.

Wilton's approach ensures the continuity of team staff and transparency throughout all phases of each development program by using a 'one team' approach between the geo-engineering disciplines and drilling/completions engineering. Utilizing the same teams with the same approach to several projects captures the lessons learned and evolves into the 'optimal technical designs and work programs' for specific formations.